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October 2015

Ode to Mr. Trump …

… I can’t figure it out.

There are days I’m convinced you’re a total asshat of a clown.

There are days when I suspect you’re an absolutely brilliant asshole with way too much time and money on your hands, who’s decided to show this country, in the most embarrassing way possible, how desensitized it’s become to overt stupidity, hapless arrogance, and unapologetic bigotry. You’re just too awesome at being horrible and yet appealing to a vast subset of society, for it to be mere coincidence.

Arming school teachers…

Great — now none of the suicidal wackos will know where they can get easy access to firearms.

Because Ms. Faintofheart will totally be able to prevent someone from forcefully taking her weapon, and Mr. Forgetsalot won’t ever leave the keys to his weapon’s lockbox in his unsecured desk.


Gun Ownership

The privilege isn’t owning a gun —

It’s never needing one.

Unrealized ambitions…

I was going to do a candidate recap of the first two Republican debates like I did for the Democratic one… but I couldn’t concentrate on taking notes, between the laughing and the crying.

The Watchmaker Analogy…

… is faulty by the very statement of the problem.

It’s not “stumbling onto a watch on the ground.”

It’s “stumbling onto a watch in a field that is teeming with cogs of various shapes, sizes, and complexities, most of them combined into clockwork-like mechanisms that may or may not tell time, where the telling of time promotes the survival of the cogs and combinations thereof.”

My Island: self-realization.

if you can

you may

(as long as it’s not detrimental to society)

and if you want

we’ll help you do

(as long as it’s beneficial to society)


If you only determine your self-worth by where you’ve stuck your penis … so do bed bugs, my friend, so do bed bugs.

Assholishness (and its Assholity branch of Assholigion) vs. Assholism

Assholes are assholes are assholes.

Regardless of their religious or philosophical bend.

Don’t be one.

Thoughts on candidates following democratic presidential debate #1…

Clinton: I don’t like her, personally, for things she’s done as a government official in the past. But she showed her strong side and her experience. Reminded me a bit of the name dropping skit on the Colbert Report, but there’s truth to advantage in knowing the waters and navigating them with confidence. She did well.

Sanders: I wanted to like him so very, very much. We need someone who can rally regular people and bring them to polls and ultimately the voting booth. Continue reading “Thoughts on candidates following democratic presidential debate #1…”

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