Definition: “a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.”

Stop alienating people by throwing this word in their face. There’s a difference between “lacking a privilege” and “being denied basic rights and decency.”

Being treated like a human being is NOT A PRIVILEGE. It’s the baseline, which some people are denied. Get the difference?

What you should be fighting is a segment of society being denied their constitutional rights.

What you should be fighting is the reduction of people to stereotypes and second class citizens, for merely being born a certain way.

Make it your business to actually help the suffering, instead of making it your life goal to make the rest suffer too.

Because when you scream “privilege” at your target of preference, you’re not addressing the problem. You’re picking a fight, often for the sole reason that the person not shouting the same slogans as you was born a certain way. Which makes you either too dumb to realize what you’re doing, or an asshat trying to appear “righteous” for self-serving purposes.