Today, November 9th, 2016, is the official establishment date of Honor Guard.

Right now (and maybe forever), it’s just me.

This is not an organization, however. It isn’t a social circle.

It’s a pledge.

That no matter what, I will remain true to myself.

That I will uphold my principles, even when it’s easier, safer for me, and harmless to others, not to do so.

That I will take a loss, if a win requires me to act against my conscience.

That I will treat people, regardless of birth, status, world view, or financial situation, like fellow human beings deserving of basic decency.

That I will be kind whenever I can, and respectful whenever I can’t.

That even when someone behaves inappropriately or hurtfully, I will not veer from my principles. I will act in the name of justice, but not for the sake of vindication, self-validation, or gratification. I will direct my anger into resolve, but not into affront or harm.

It’s not for anyone else’s sake. It’s for my own.

I will keep myself to a high standard.

To guard my honor.