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Because $%^# Happens


A theist, an antitheist, and an atheist walk into a bar.

The theist looks at the other two, feels threatened, and yells: “God is great!”

The antitheist feels attacked and immediately starts arguing with the theist.

The atheist chats with the bartender, orders a beer, and daydreams how nice it would be if the theist and the antitheist shut up and let him enjoy the evening before the bar closes in, like, 30 minutes.


Feminism Fail #72 or #9843

Your logline:

A female <profession #1> and a <profession #2> <go do things>.

Because obviously the femaleness is far, far more of a factor in <profession #1>’s story than whatever the gender/sex of <profession #2> is in, we’re of course supposed to assume, “his” story.


Or maybe your hook / selling point is that your protagonist is female with a *gasp* profession?



Today, November 9th, 2016, is the official establishment date of Honor Guard.

Right now (and maybe forever), it’s just me.

This is not an organization, however. It isn’t a social circle.

It’s a pledge.

That no matter what, I will remain true to myself.

That I will uphold my principles, even when it’s easier, safer for me, and harmless to others, not to do so.

That I will take a loss, if a win requires me to act against my conscience.

That I will treat people, regardless of birth, status, world view, or financial situation, like fellow human beings deserving of basic decency.

That I will be kind whenever I can, and respectful whenever I can’t.

That even when someone behaves inappropriately or hurtfully, I will not veer from my principles. I will act in the name of justice, but not for the sake of vindication, self-validation, or gratification. I will direct my anger into resolve, but not into affront or harm.

It’s not for anyone else’s sake. It’s for my own.

I will keep myself to a high standard.

To guard my honor.

And Then, Part 2.

I did want to elaborate, I suppose. I don’t know what happened in this election. There are plenty of articles out there about how we ended up stuck with two dislikable candidates. Plenty of theories and plenty of discourse. Some conclusions. Some speculation on what comes next.

The point is, we have the new face of our country. The person who will represent us, who will meet with foreign dignitaries on our behalf, the person who will be signing treaties and forging relationships that are supposed to protect and benefit our society.

The leader who is supposed to hold up our honor as a nation.

Excuse me that I’m skeptical.

And Then…

It was Nov. 9th, 2016, and life seemed to go on.


Definition: “a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.”

Stop alienating people by throwing this word in their face. There’s a difference between “lacking a privilege” and “being denied basic rights and decency.”

Being treated like a human being is NOT A PRIVILEGE. It’s the baseline, which some people are denied. Get the difference?

What you should be fighting is a segment of society being denied their constitutional rights.

What you should be fighting is the reduction of people to stereotypes and second class citizens, for merely being born a certain way.

Make it your business to actually help the suffering, instead of making it your life goal to make the rest suffer too.

Because when you scream “privilege” at your target of preference, you’re not addressing the problem. You’re picking a fight, often for the sole reason that the person not shouting the same slogans as you was born a certain way. Which makes you either too dumb to realize what you’re doing, or an asshat trying to appear “righteous” for self-serving purposes.

British Vote To Exit EU…

… has it prevented a Trump presidency?

(your votes matter, people! And, yes, protest voting has pitfalls too)

(July 15th Update: I know November is still a while away, but by what I’ve been seeing — no, probably not)

“Normalcy” and Ableism.

I’ve apparently been accused of ableism for my “On Rape, Part 2” article.

I’ve also had my use of “normal” questioned.

(but, before I forget, hi, reader!)

So, let me start with the more difficult one.

“Normalcy.” That’s an easy word to throw around carelessly and misuse. Have I done so in the objectionable article? It’s possible. But, for now, I’ll stand behind my use of the word, and instead I’ll try to put context around it. Continue reading ““Normalcy” and Ableism.”

Dear SJW …

Warriors fight.

Social media “warriors” debate. (you know, that thing where people exchange arguments and counter-arguments in a civil fashion?)

More importantly, when they see something that doesn’t fit their narrative, they don’t scream “-ism!!!!” and cover behind the shield of victimhood held up by sycophants. Screaming shit from the safety of your crowd isn’t being a warrior. It’s being something else that starts with a “W.” But the latter’s not nearly as flattering as “warrior.”

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