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Evolution Vs. Revolution

Evolution is the survival of those faster than the slowest.

Revolution is the survival of those who run off the beaten path and are lucky not to get ambushed by something bigger and meaner than what’s chasing them.

Politicianing, Part #2

“$1000/month will be a step in recognizing the work of caretakers who currently are currently valued at $0.”

“Oh, my plan is better. <thirty seconds of credentials and generally tangential stuff> We’ll credit the work caretakers do and they’ll receive $200/mo extra when they qualify for social security.”

Does she even hear herself?!

Politicianing, Part #1

“Yeah, he’s a mess but he’s our mess so we’ll pretend it’s no mess no matter how badly he stinks us up.”

In a Society that Blurs The Line Between Entertainment and History, it’s These Voices We Need

Top UCLA Doctor denounces HBO’s “Chernobyl” As Wrong and Dangerous

Today, Even If Maybe Not Tomorrow …

… T.B. Wisdom endorses Mr. Andrew Yang for president.

I’m not enamored with the “$1000/mo per adult” slogan, but otherwise, the guy comes off as genuine, knowledgeable, and forward-looking.

The suggestion that the UBI program may be partially funded through a VAT also doesn’t sit quite right with me; in Europe, it’s ultimately the consumer of the final product that pays it, so it’s quite far from his “tech check” equivalent to Alaska’s “oil check.” In one speech, Mr. Yang did bring up the possibility of taxing the tech giants for using data that is currently freely reaped by them. Taxing every displayed / targeted ad, every bit of stored, processed, and analyzed data, every transaction from which a tech giant takes a cut, sign me up. But that’s the only time I heard it (or maybe misheard it?). Most of the time, he simply refers to Europe (and that implementing half the VAT in Europe will be sufficient to prop up UBI as an opt-in system that doesn’t stack with other social programs). I hope he refines this plan and speaks in more detail in the future.

Another peeve is the idea that his version of UBI will count as income for determining eligibility for other matters (even if not actually taxed). So if UBI hits before Medicare for All, a whole lot of people will suddenly not qualify for the ACA. People will be pushed into different tax brackets. A whole lot of divorced parents will take their exes to court for increased child support. Etc. etc. Again, I hope that it’s something he works out as his campaign matures.

That said… at least it’s a conversation that doesn’t exhaust at “tax the rich” for “free everything.”

Free Will

You are your brain (neurological network) as developed through your biology and experiences, as affected by the instantaneous chemistry of your body (glands, etc.). That there’s a time period between the brain finishing its processing of data / reaching a conclusion and the de-abstraction of this conclusion is irrelevant.

You are literally how you process data. Continue reading “Free Will”


A theist, an antitheist, and an atheist walk into a bar.

The theist looks at the other two, feels threatened, and yells: “God is great!”

The antitheist feels attacked and immediately starts arguing with the theist.

The atheist chats with the bartender, orders a beer, and daydreams how nice it would be if the theist and the antitheist shut up and let him enjoy the evening before the bar closes in, like, 30 minutes.

Feminism Fail #72 or #9843

Your logline:

A female <profession #1> and a <profession #2> <go do things>.

Because obviously the femaleness is far, far more of a factor in <profession #1>’s story than whatever the gender/sex of <profession #2> is in, we’re of course supposed to assume, “his” story.


Or maybe your hook / selling point is that your protagonist is female with a *gasp* profession?



Today, November 9th, 2016, is the official establishment date of Honor Guard.

Right now (and maybe forever), it’s just me.

This is not an organization, however. It isn’t a social circle.

It’s a pledge.

That no matter what, I will remain true to myself.

That I will uphold my principles, even when it’s easier, safer for me, and harmless to others, not to do so.

That I will take a loss, if a win requires me to act against my conscience.

That I will treat people, regardless of birth, status, world view, or financial situation, like fellow human beings deserving of basic decency.

That I will be kind whenever I can, and respectful whenever I can’t.

That even when someone behaves inappropriately or hurtfully, I will not veer from my principles. I will act in the name of justice, but not for the sake of vindication, self-validation, or gratification. I will direct my anger into resolve, but not into affront or harm.

It’s not for anyone else’s sake. It’s for my own.

I will keep myself to a high standard.

To guard my honor.

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